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Irish Sailing Recognised Training Centre

Irish Sailing Intermediate Powerboat Certificate

The 2 day Intermediate Powerboat Certificate course focuses on building on the skills and knowledge gained on the National Powerboat Certificate course, teaching participants how to safely plan and enjoy day trips using Powerboats. 

If you're taking family and friends out on a boat and are interested in getting comfortable with planning day trips, then this is the course for you. We'll cover how to plan ahead to keep you, your crew and your boat safe for these trips including everything from kitting the boat and passengers out, navigating with charts and buoys as well as using electronic navigation and safety equipment.

Explore new harbours, improve your boat handling, take it to the next level with your navigation skills and start to get more our of your boating adventures by enrolling on the Intermediate Powerboat Course with us!

Intermediate Powerboat Certificate Course Details


The Intermediate Powerboat Course aims;

• To develop boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation skills up to the standards required to plan and execute safely and enjoyably short passages by day, in fair weather conditions, in a planing powerboat.

• To be able to support recreational swimming from a powerboat.

• To learn how to explore new harbours and destinations in a safe and enjoyable manner. 

Previous Knowledge / Experience:

To qualify for a place on the Intermediate Powerboat Course, participants must hold the Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate or an equivalent certificate and 20 hours driving experience following qualification.

It is strongly recommended that participants be certified to Irish Sailing Coastal Navigation for Small Boats standard.


As this course trains participants to begin undertaking longer passages, it is also strongly recommended that at least one member of a powerboat’s crew should hold a first aid certificate and the Short Range Certificate (VHF).

Duration: 2 Days     Cost: €395

Intermediate Powerboat Certificate
Intermediate Powerboat Certificate
  • For groups of 2 or more we can schedule dates to suit you. Discounts apply for group bookings.

  • Own Boat Tuition is possible for the Intermediate Powerboat course.

  • Onsite training can be provided for clubs and organisations if required. 

  • Personal Flotation Devices will be provided for all course participants if required. 

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