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Irish Sailing Recognised Training Centre

Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate

The Irish Sailing National Powerboat Certificate is a 2 day course covering the skills and knowledge required to safely skipper a powerboat keeping yourself and your crew safe while afloat. This is considered the 'Driving Licence' for Boats in Ireland. 

The National Powerboat Certificate allows you to apply for the 'International Certificate of Competency' (ICC). The aim of the ICC is to provide boat owners and people wishing to charter boats abroad with an internationally recognised document certifying their competence to skipper a boat for recreational use.

The National Powerboat Certificate also allows you to apply for the 'Commercial Endorsement'. The Commercial Endorsement qualifies you to act as master or crew on vessels holding Passenger Boat licences as required by the Department of Transport. 

We offer a Direct Assessment option for the National Powerboat Certificate for individuals who are sufficiently experienced, skilled and have the required knowledge in all areas of the syllabus. Contact us to discuss this option further if you think it may apply to you. 

National Powerboat Certificate Course Details


The aim of the Irish Sailing National Powetboat Certificate is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to safely, and effectively, skipper an open powerboat, by day, on inland and coastal waters with which they are familiar.

Previous Knowledge / Experience:

It is assumed that participants hold the Irish Sailing Introduction to Powerboating Certificate or equivalent experience.

Duration: 2 Days     Cost: €375

Powerboat Courses Mayo | Powerboat Courses Galway
Powerboat Courses Mayo | Powerboat Courses Galway
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  • For groups of 2 or more we can schedule dates to suit you. Discounts apply for group bookings.

  • Own Boat Tuition is possible for this certified Powerboat Training Course.

  • Onsite training can be provided for clubs and organisations if required. 

  • Personal Flotation Devices will be provided for all course participants. 

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